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Bible Study Materials

End Time Study - 01

What does the Bible mean by the "Time of the End"?
In our latest study, we navigate through end time prophecy to find out what God really meant by "the end of the age". Click link below to download our first course of material.

Purpose of Prayer

In this study we pose the question, "What is the reason for prayer and how can I use it for the purpose God has intended?" 
Complete course material in link below.

Epistle Study - Philippians

"The Earthly Walk of a Heavenly People"

In this study, we take a deeper look into the church of Philippi.
Complete course material in link below.

Revelation Study Chp. 1-4

A book shrouded in mystery and prophecy. Join us in understanding more about Revelation and the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior.

Revelation Study Chp. 5-19

Continuation of course material for Revelation study

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